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Custom Portal
With our state-of-the-art user portal. You have the ability to access your data. Anywhere and anytime you want. You can even provide 3rd party access to your local agronomist.

High Resolution
We have chosen to use a Manned Aircraft system because we are able to efficiently fly the distance, and still capture images at a resolution of 2-10" accuracy. Which is not had when using a Satellite provider.

Multiple Data Formats
Synthesized Natural Color Orthomosaic, Color-infrared Orthomosaic, Colorized NDVI Orthomosaic, Consumable files (Point ShapeFile, Point CSV, GeoTiff, GeoJPG), Colorized NDVI map

Strong Security
With Secure private infrastructure for data storage that means we are not using cloud storage systems. Paired with a AES-256 SSL security encryption you can be sure your data is safe.
So You Can Easily Manage...
  • Insects
  • Disease
  • Nutrients
  • Equipment
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  • Know When to Manage
  • Know What to Apply
  • Know What to Fix
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Proper Management partnered with quality Aerial Imagery there is no question that profits can be generated.

High Tech Ipad FarmerAerial imagery could soon become one of the most valuable tools used on the farm. The precision ag technology allows growers to monitor crop health and take action in troubled areas before it's too late. Images taken from above, whether by satellite or airplane, give a whole new perspective on how fields are performing. Like other precision ag products, aerial imagery programs can save growers a lot of time and effort, while increasing profitability by way of higher yielding crops.

Airplanes equipped with cameras fly over fields and capture images. The quality of the aerial images has a higher resolution than that of satellite imagery, which is typically five meter or greater resolution, and is comparable with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), even though UAVs are getting all the attention for possible future use.

  • Aerial View: Also known as the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) image, is a standard image of the land from the airplane - a real-time aerial photo.
  • Near Infra-Red: This image shows the heat and reflectiveness of vegetation in the field. Brighter red areas typically indicate more vegetation, but more heat could also mean weed pressure and not just better crop production.
  • Multi-spectral or Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI): This image is a combination of the RGB and Near Infra-Red images.  This image shows the field's vegetative vigor or potential health of the crop.

All three of these image types give a different perspective on the crop and can help identify potential limiting factors preventing the crop from producing to its full potential.

These Fields Were Flown By Haug Aerial
What You Get With Haug Aerial Imagery
Quality, Speed, Ease-of-Use and Direct Contact with Experts of Aerial Imagery.
  • Custom Portal Access & Superior Image Processing
With Superior image processing, A Secure private infrastructure for data - No cloud storage, A High volume processing capacity (1,000,000 acres per day), partnered with a Personalized acess portal for efficient data transfer, and Easily consumable data deliverables for farm management and Comprehensive technical training and support. There is very little reason not to try out our Aerial Imagery Solutions.
  • High Resolution
In the Aerial Imagery sector there are three suppliers. Drones, Manned Aircraft, and Satellite.We use Manned Aircraft because of the speed, legality, and still being able to acquire image resolution of 2-10" accurate. Where as drones are slow field by field basis, and satellite resolution is well behind in terms of resolution.
  • Multiple Data Formats
Synthesized Natural Color, Camera Color Orthomosaic, Color-infrared Orthomosaic, Colorized NDVI Orthomosaic, Consumable files (Point ShapeFile, Point CSV, GeoTiff, GeoJPG), Colorized NDVI map with acre counts
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