New 9560RT Scraper Tractor

Scraper Tractors

Looking to boost productivity without breaking the bank? Consider a John Deere 9560RT Scraper Tractor and ejector or carry-all scraper. The only fully integrated tractor-scraper system on the market does as much or more work as a self-propelled scraper or truck and excavator, but at one-third the initial investment. Costs less to operate, too, requiring only one operator, no additional support equipment, and less fuel. Factor in the John Deere AirCushionT Suspension System - the ultimate in track-tractor technology, and a John Deere tractor-scraper system makes good sense. Or perhaps we should say dollars and cents.

Key Features
  • Powerful IT4/Stage IIIB engine
  • AirCushionT Suspension System
  • 18-speed PowerShiftT transmission
  • AutoLoadT automates hydraulic-lift functions
Net Peak Power412 kW (560 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Turning Radius w/ 10-deg. Stops 5.92 m (19.5 ft.)
Track Belts762 mm (30 in.)
Shipping Weight 20 412 kg (45,000 lb.)