Bulk Oil Program

Haug Implement Company Bulk Oil Program

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Converting to a Bulk Oil System has many advantages which include a direct cost saving on the purchase of oil, handling and storage savings! A bulk system is also an excellent way to meet current and future environmental needs. The requirements for handling oil are changing, and converting to a Bulk Oil System is one way to meet many of the challenges. These challenges include safer and cleaner storage of large quantities of oils in the workplace. The need to reduce the number of containers that pollute the environment, or cannot be reclaimed efficiently, are another challenge we are all facing.

Value Added for Customers on the Bulk Oil Program

  • Reduced purchased cost of oil
  • Reduced material handling of drums and pails
  • Improved inventory control of oil
  • Reduced drum disposal problems
  • Increased shop efficiency
  • Environmentally friendlier alternative

Our Bulk Oil Program

Haug Implement Company offers an on-going John Deere Bulk Oil Program. The customer can purchase the bulk oil tanks at half price provided he agrees to purchase 600 gallons of bulk oil within a 5 year period. The tank sizes we've been using are the 70 gallon and the 120 gallon, however, other tank sizes are available to fit your usage needs. The John Deere Bulk Oil is delivered to your location by Haug Implement Company of Willmar and Litchfield, Minnesota. Talk with our Parts Team or Customer Service Representative to learn more about the John Deere Bulk Oil Program.